4-Star-Hotel with charme

In the middle of a fantastic mountain backdrop and the river Enns, the Flachauerhof was built in 1967/68 and further extended in 1994. In 2006, Wilfried Hartl junior purchased the hotel and, together with his family and staff, along with a successful blend of the traditional, the modern and his own personal style, made it into the outstanding Flachauerhof it is today. The feel-good factor is top priority throughout the entire premises, and with passion and an eye for detail we indulge you in your heart’s desires so that we can offer you an unforgettable holiday. Holistic thinking and the subsequent complete recuperation, relaxation and experiences you gain are our credo. So the central rooms, for example, are invigorated with high-quality and 100% natural aromatic oils. All the water that comes from the taps is vitalised Grander water (specially treated water) and you can at any time enjoy a fresh cup of tea from our diverse range at the organic tea bar that is included.

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