we LIVE AND love our food!

“... this is exactly why we give our products the chance to be what they are: natural, fresh and pure!”


We think that you too deserve only the best food! Therefore, we focus on organic quality instead of quantity and indulge you with traditional and high-quality natural Austrian food and gourmet cuisine. Start the new day with a heavenly Salzburger organic breakfast and enjoy a range of regional specialties, such as organic bread from the local baker or fresh eggs from the free range hens in the neighbouring village. We also have a vegan breakfast bar with home-made spread or home-baked Dörrbrot (specialty bread). We are very keen to support the smaller producers in our region in particular and focus a lot on sustainability and short transport distances. As much as our food should be a feast for the eyes and a taste sensation, it is also just as important for us that it has a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. We only use high-quality vegetable oils with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. Our (herb) salts are completely natural, made by hand and are free from bleaching agents and chemical anti-caking agents. Of course, flavour enhancers and chemical additives are an absolute no-no!     

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