LIVE AND love your Food!

Our dishes are put together in such a way that all ingredients serve to give you valuable strength and energy. The vegan & vegetarian creations will make allergy sufferers’ hearts skip a beat as the majority of the food is gluten-free and/or lactose-free. You can guarantee to start your day in full swing with the home-made delicacies (muesli, spreads, bread etc.) from our vegan/vegetarian breakfast bar! 


For two years, Wilfried Hartl junior worked meticulously to successfully implement his idea of the raw fruit and vegetable indulgence range in the hotel. Working with the Spiritual Life Food Instructor Boris Lauser, creative, tasty meals were created that constitute a real treat for body, mind and soul. The focus is on raw vegan food, which for the majority of the products is either processed raw or heated up to a maximum of 42°C. This helps preserve valuable ingredients such as enzymes, vitamins and minerals.


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